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A Wonka-Like Journey into an Ultra Private World of Decadence and Excess

From cooking for Martha Stewart, P. Diddy, and Jerry Seinfeld to over 20 of the world’s most reclusive billionaires, Chef Neal Salisbury has been serving the world’s power elite for 15 years. His new book, The Billionaire’s Chef: Cooking for the Rich and Famished takes you on a journey around the globe and into the private world of working for, living, and travelling with the world’s billionaires.
You’ll find stories, tips on event planning and social etiquette, but that’s not all: The book goes beyond fun recipes and polite smile-inspiring stories, it gets into the real-life challenges lived by Chef Neal and his peers, detailing disappointments and unexpected triumphs, battles of ego, the money, the sex (or sometimes lack of it) coupled with the loneliness—all a part of the job.
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